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We specialise in creating seamless customer experiences through multi-channel marketing, leading to conversion funnelling we can optimise and improve, producing greater results than conventional marketing approaches.

Our approach is simple, we Find, Engage, Convert and Retain customers through multi-channel digital marketing.

  • Finding through research and monitoring
  • Engaging by creating conversations and developing platforms
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January 27, 2015 | Author:

In this blog we regularly feature creative examples of social site marketing that have made a real impact. One such was Chevrolet’s Purple Your Profile Day in support of last year’s World Cancer Day on 4th February. More than 2 million people turned their Facebook/Twitter profile purple on this day.

The idea for the Purple Your Profile campaign started when Chevrolet brought their agencies together to plan a creative marketing campaign for the 2014 Super Bowl. They wanted a campaign that would show the human side and personality of Chevrolet and that would also use social media to inspire people to participate in the campaign. Moreover, the campaign should “outlive halftime” by remaining relevant well past the Super Bowl.

As the creative team brainstormed ideas, it became clear that an excellent way of bringing together the business and human aspects of the brand was to highlight Chevrolet’s 11 year relationship with the American Cancer Society. The team therefore developed an integrated digital marketing campaign that would help Chevrolet and the American Cancer Society raise awareness of World Cancer Day on February 4th.

The success of the campaign was phenomenal! Over 1.3 million people changed their Facebook profile photo purple.  For every 100 people that did this, 37 of their friends clicked through to the Purple Your Profile app after seeing details on a Facebook news feed. Chevrolet’s free Facebook page received a 467% increase in new likes, a 321% increase in post reach and a 397% increase in engagement. There were also 1.5 billion impressions served from paid Facebook media.

The campaign surpassed even Facebook’s expectations! Facebook had predicted that it would take Chevrolet  4-6 weeks to achieve their target of 1 million participants and the corresponding donation cap of $1 million. Instead, it took just under two weeks. Nor was Facebook the only social media platform involved: over 700,000 people changed their Twitter profile to purple, and the related advert – Life – has had almost 2 million views on Youtube .

According to Paul Edwards – Chevrolet’s VP of Marketing – ”The best social media campaigns don’t tell the brand story; they tell the audience’s story. Chevy’s Purple Your Profile campaign not only went viral, it turned passive viewers into active participants.”

The Purple Your Profile campaign surpassed all expectations!  Reflecting on its original aims,  it achieved all three!  It  showed the human side and personality of Chevrolet, used social media to inspire people to participate,  and the impact lasted way longer than the Super Bowl itself.  Let’s take inspiration from this brilliant integrated social marketing campaign and create one of our own to celebrate in 2015!

*SOURCE: http://www.iprospect.com/en/us/our-blog/how-chevy-found-new-roads-through-social-and-search/


January 20, 2015 | Author:

Last week news broke out that Facebook will be launching an all-new social network for businesses. Sound familiar?

According to latest reports, the new social network will allow businesses to manage and improve interaction between employees and creating a more efficient work environment. So maybe it won’t be a duplicate of LinkedIn, but how will it differ to other ‘professional’ social media platforms?

Facebook At Work will be aimed at medium to large sized businesses that face challenges with managing their workforce. Unlike other platforms, it will focus attention on interactions happening internally instead of creating connections to professionals outside your company.

This platform will be completely separate from a user’s personal Facebook account, but users can be given the option to link their personal account to their work account. Facebook have confirmed that work accounts will only be visible to their companies which will be a reassurance to most businesses no doubt.

The best way for me to describe the platform is it looks like a cross between LinkedIn and a CRM (e.g. Highrise) – employees can share posts, documents with others in their company, and also plan meetings. Companies will likely need to pay to use the new platform as Facebook have confirmed that it will be ad-free.

There isn’t much info about Facebook at Work at the moment, so I’m not sure how it will come into play when it comes to managing employees. Facebook state that their new platform will make work days “efficient” but they haven’t specified which tools in the platform will help you do just that. So we will be waiting to find out more over the next few days after it’s been trialled out by Facebook’s focus group.

I’m sceptical about it, but we’ll see…


January 14, 2015 | Author:

When creating a digital marketing strategy we tend to focus on the various ways we can attract traffic to our website and celebrate when this traffic increases! All of which is great news. BUT unless there is then some progression from that point, we are not being successful in our mission.  This article looks at five factors that determine the critical next step. Traffic management, if you will! What is our goal for visitors to our site, and what steps are we taking to lead them there?


Take a good long look at your landing page. What message is it getting across and where does it influence the visitor to go next? Is there an obvious call to action or is it all a bit vague?


A good host has an intuitive feel for the needs of their guests. Thankfully in digital marketing strategy we have hard data to back that up!


If visitors are not traversing your site in the way that you want or expect then you need to ensure that the preferred route is very clear. Ensure that you include links to your top site pages either at the far left of horizontal navigation links or at the top of vertical navigation links. This then reinforces to visitors where they should travel next. Remember also to use similar navigation tools at the bottom of the page.


Include lots of text links to the pages that you want the visitors to view next.  These might be pages that expand on the content of what they are currently reading, or that move them further along in the conversion process. However, ensure that these links direct traffic closer to your goal and do not go off at a tangent into other areas of the site.


January 9, 2015 | Author:

At Xcite it got us thinking . . . how different would the Christmas story be if it happened today, would there be a Facebook page for people to “Like” the new Messiah?

Are there lessons to be learned from the Christmas story that could be applied to effective digital marketing campaigns today? Because, no matter what your personal beliefs, that one event so long ago is still fresh in the minds of many people today so they must have got something right!



Mary and Joseph wouldn’t be your natural first choice for the central figures in the campaign. An unmarried mother was a big deal in those days and Joseph doesn’t come across as the most dynamic of characters. But nevertheless they carried it off! In your digital media campaign, choose people that will authentically represent your brand, not themselves!


The star shone over the stable and alerted everyone to the fact that something was going on. Word spread quickly.  This was no ordinary star, and attracted a great deal of interest as to why it was there and what it was doing. It is a great idea to pre-launch your creative marketing campaign with some kind of teaser that gets people interested.


You’d be hard pushed to plan anything as brilliant as the hosts of heavenly angels appearing in the sky to the shepherds! Flash mobs eat your heart out! If anyone hadn’t already heard the news there was no way they would now be able to avoid it! Always introduce an aspect with the element of surprise; it wins people over every time.


The three magi who followed the star did so because they realised the significance of the child that had been born.  They came bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Any effective digital media campaign needs to communicate the worth of your brand and to raise customers’ expectations so that they are willing to make a commitment to the brand because of the benefits they will then get from it.


Even though all the above happened, that could easily have been the end of the Christmas story. Yesterday’s news. But word continued to spread far and wide, and is still spreading today. How? Through the power of communication and community.  The events were written into the gospels that are still read today. People kept them alive by talking about them, and meeting together to do so. In today’s terms we have the social media marketing opportunities to create this same impact! We can constantly write about our brand, and create any number of different virtual communities to enable interaction and communication to take place.

It’s amazing what has been achieved in keeping the Christmas story live despite it being over 2000 years old – especially with no technology involved! Let’s take the learning points from that and bring them into the 21st century to enable us to create effective digital marketing strategies that will be life changing!

Dominos – #letsdolunch Campaign

January 7, 2015 | Author:

Domino’s Pizza ran a promotional scheme on Twitter during which they asked their followers to add the hashtag #letsdolunch to all their tweets. In return Domino’s gave huge discounts for that day lunch, reducing the price of the star pizza according to how many people tweeted in time for lunch.

The popularity of the #letsdolunch hashtag became so high that soon the number of tweets mentioning it rose to around 82,500 – a huge boost for the brand value of Domino’s Pizza. Overall a successful, one-off campaign that raised the profile of Dominos by tweeting about it!