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Xcite is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Our passion is to help you generate and increase online sales through digital marketing.

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Who are you? Xcite was founded by Robert Walker, whose specialisms include Digital Marketing, Technical Development, Creative design, Information Management and User Experience.


As a company we offer our clients a blend of technical, creative and analytical insight with any work we produce. We strive for complete transparency in everything we do and constantly measure ourselves against bold targets.

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What do you do? To put it simply, through a range of services, we improve how you find and engage with potential customers and inrease your online conversions.

But how can you help me? By using analytical tracking data we can see how you’re currently performing and where improvements need to be made.

Our experienced PPC and SEO teams find customers for you, working with the Content and Social team to engage your audience, then bringing in the Design and Build / UX team to visualise how customers navigate through your website, making necessary improvements to drive conversion.

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Then when we see positive spikes in both traffic and conversion, with customers flowing down your sales funnel, we apply the improvements to every other channel.

These include PPC, Display, Retargeting, SEO, Email campaigns, Website design and build, Mobile marketing, User Experience and activating online communities using Social marketing.

By analysing data across every channel in a single unified view we make more informed decisions which improve every aspect of your digital marketing activity.