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Passiv Living

Creation of a full cycle digital marketing campaign to sell a Smart heating App.

Remote heating Control

P1 listings
for 50% of Passiv’s keywords
Increase in revenue
Impressions per month
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The Brief

We put together a marketing programme for PassivEnergy on the re-development of their consumer and corporate websites and to create both a long term marketing campaign with short term sales.

Competiting against the likes of Googles’ Nest and British Gas’s Hive Remote Heating products was a massive challenge.

Our goal was to get consumers infront of and convert them into customers, so we put Passiv in-front of an average of 225300 consumers through organic Search, needing Boiler repair, Kitchen fitting, or Solar installation.

Within 12 months we had generated P1 listings for 50% of Passiv’s keywords

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    means there are people at home and that they’re awake.
  • Asleep
    means everyone at home is in bed.
  • Out
    means no-one is at home.
  • Away (Vacation)
    means your home is empty for a prolonged period.

Using our Accelerate programme we started off by developing an in-depth understanding of the ideal consumers and what they would be looking for in the market when it came to this product.

Due to the new nature of remote heating controls we could not easily target consumers as they were not directly looking for the product, therefore we had to go in through a side door and generate awareness by understanding how to appeal to to consumers who were looking at saving money on home heating, having home improvements or were tech savvy and looking for ways to improve the modern home.

We then determined the touch points along the buying cycle of these consumers from Word of mouth through to Search, and Email etc, then how we could create interest through the content we created.

PPC campaigns in distinct groups were set up around each persona we developed (the awareness element), helping to to drill down into the specific audiences who would be ideal customers based on our research, and then we aimed to drive them to landing pages set up to highlight what’s important to each customer and have a much higher conversion rate which was tracked and improved.

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By writing engaging content we created value based transactions with these customers who came back to the site for just as much for the content as they do for the products on offer.

We do this because not all customers are ready to buy today, so we want to keep warm the customers who would not buy today, but could do so in the future. This helps build up credibility in our client and provide customers with confidence in what is on offer. This is the Interest and Engagement element.

With visitors who end up being a customer or registering interest we placed them into a well categorised CRM that delivers follow up email campaigns using the content we created so the emails are not just sales led, they are used to build empathy and rapport through value based transactions.

Finally we build in the social campaign which has the objective of building up a community audience of potential customers interested in the content we delivering to them. We used an approach to find the right communities over multiple social channels, and then engage them, and finally we generate advocacy by incentivising the community to help find more potential customers in their network. (The Word of mouth element).

This was all fed back to the SEO campaign which has links back being created from the distributed content via social marketing, and the more people liking, sharing or commenting on the content the better the Google ranking.

The Results

Our plan allowed us to focus on both short term goals and the long term results, whilst helping our client save money and improve their overall marketing results. We achieved this through the creation of a multi-channel marketing programme that delivered shared learning, content and creative at each stage of the sales funnel.

P1 listings
for 50% of Passiv’s keywords
Increase in revenue
Impressions per month


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