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Creating a Cycle to Work scheme for UK Runners.


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Run 2 Work was set up to gain insight in the running community following success of the Cycle to Work scheme, and to create a Nationwide running programme that aims to bring together runners across the UK into a cohesive unit on one platform.

Facebook impressions
Active participants within 6 months
Mentions in 24 hours

The Brief

Xcite Digital were briefed to create a community of people who can run from their local community to their places of work, who want to run with others, explore new routes, be inspired by others, and most importantly have fun running.

Partners included the Evening Standard, Amazon and New Balance to help promote and publicise the new social running ‘Movement’.


Through the website we created, visitors could automatically connect their existing running routes from third party apps such as Runkeeper, Strava, Nike + App etc into one place. These routes could then be grouped together around popular locations, and their start and end points. Other visitors could then search for new running routes by start or end point, or the general area such as South East London or Waterloo.

There is even a route planner so runners can work out the distance from any different tube stop in London. – the first and only of its kind!


As well as this visitors have the option to connect with other runners in the same search area by joining a Facebook group for that area, the Facebook groups were automatically set up through the website for anyone wishing to become an group administrator. Anyone then joining the group would get their own introduction pack outlining the running routes, any details, and a R2W badge to show their affiliation with the initiative.


Our marketing goal was to create the digital assets needed to engage with the respective target audiences and place triggers along the Fans emotional buying cycle, motivating them to keep inspired, share and engage with content, and promote loyalty and advocacy.

We achieved this by creating synchronous platform that lived on multiple platforms from Facebook, to Web and mobile. Users could:

Upload new running routes from third party running apps

Search through running routes based on a given postcode (Start or finish)

Join running groups

Determine the running distances and times between any two tube stations in London

The next task was then to provide support and delivery of social customer service, as well as helping promote the Movement through social marketing.


By developing a community Run 2 Work Badge that users could include in their Facebook profile to show affiliation, we created a powerful and free way to increase the number of registrations to the site and in turn generated significant brand advocacy.


The Results

Our client has found the Accelerate programme has helped them to hit the ground running – literally! run2work is a rapidly growing movement that aims to encourage commuters to run all or part of the way to work at least once a month on #run2workday, the first Thursday of the month.

run2work is sponsored by the Evening Standard, and also recently caught the attention of the national press. The Daily Telegraph ran an article earlier this month that focussed on the trend for “run-commuters”.

As well as promoting the monthly #run2workday, run2work are campaigning for better facilities for run-commuters and also tax breaks for equipment, equivalent to those for urban cycling initiatives. Gordon Lott believes that these measures could have a significant impact on the health of the nation.

Likewise we hope that the successful growth of the run2work movement clearly demonstrates that Xcite Digital’s Accelerate programme has a significant impact on the health of a business and can really enable them to hit the ground running.

UPDATE: Due to its success Run 2 Work was sold and is now no longer viewable online.

Facebook impressions
Active participants within 6 months
Mentions in 24 hours


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