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Love Food Hate Waste

Developing a Facebook application to raise awareness of food waste


Surrey CC

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The Brief

Being a forward thinking organisation Surrey County Council wanted a way to help educate the local public on reducing food waste and how to use their food left overs.

SW_Surrey CC

We developed a viral awareness campaign to drive engagement to ultimately stimulate a change in behaviour that results in Surrey residents throwing away less food. The app would offer help and advice to reduce food waste.

The campaign educates, informs and engages with users in a fun friendly environment asking them to post images, tips and advice to other members of the local public.

Surrey CC Facts

A competition is also being run to engage participants where the winner will be based on how many ‘likes’ they have received for their photo demonstrating how they have reduced their food waste. The rating system is an innovative way for attracting users with a visual aspect, it will assist in improving Surrey CC’s engagement with their audience.

We will closely monitor the social campaign through tracking and reporting. Through an effective marketing strategy, we can create an app that will introduce residents to an eco-friendly way of living.


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