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UKCloud provides a true public cloud for the exclusive use of UK Public Sector organisations

UKCloud Services

UKCloud are a major service provider to the UK public sector, providing a true public cloud for the exclusive use of UK Public Sector organisations including our emergency services and the UK Government. UKCloud – The power behind public sector technology.

The Brief

UKCloud, previously known as ‘Skyscape’, required us to design and build a re-branded website, both front and backend, that continued to reflect its reputation as a leading cloud supplier to the public sector, including our emergency services and the UK government.

The requirement for the rebrand was simple: To better reflect who UKCloud are and, more importantly, what they do.

They wanted to bring the business more in line, in terms of their overall appearance within the UK public sector and their offering of cloud services to the industry.

There was also the need to rebuild the Content Management System for their website which over the years had become over populated and unstable.


The Campaign

The CMS rebuild, including extensive debugging, was completed initially giving us the framework on which to build a more robust, reliable and user friendly platform.

Working with the existing brand guidelines we created a streamlined design. The use of imagery brought a much needed human touch, whilst opting for a stripped back approach to the inner pages where the focus is absorption of information.


We were able to do this by utilising white space to maximum effect throughout the site. This also enabled us to bring the important messaging / actions to the forefront.

The Techy Bit

We use an HTML5 doctype for the best forwards and backwards compatibility, with the main body markup backwards compatible to HTML4.1 standards.

We make use of a progressive enhancement development style, utilising technologies such as CSS3, jQuery, responsive design, localStorage and pushState where necessary. All other CSS is CSS2.1 compliant and all Javascript code ECMA-262 compliant.

Additional security features:

  • Regular CMS upgrades
  • Two Factor Authentication for logins
  • IP restrictions
  • Security against DDOS / Brute Force attacks
  • SSL certification

UKCloud’s website also now works with a number of CRM platforms including Pardot. They offer a range of downloadable resources online, the registration data for which now gets passed to Pardot directly from the onsite registration form.

User Experience

It was essential that the new website was also fully optimised for mobile use and included a seamless experience for users switching between desktop, tablet and mobile.

ukcloud services case study

Modern mobile users tend to fall into one of two camps: hunters (who want to find a specific piece of information quickly) and gatherers (looking to browse around). The majority of UKCloud’s users fall into these 2 camps so it was important that from the outset they are guided to the correct areas of the site relevant to them.

It was equally important to make sure all visitors, including desktop traffic, can quickly and efficiently identify the information they request.


We continually track the performance of the website User Experience through analytics and look at:

  • Audiences – Who are the primary target audiences
  • Site map – Does your sitemap make an easy to use work flow around the site
  • Layout – Is the layout optimised for ease of use
  • Functionality – Does the website functionality support the the marketing initiatives
  • Engagement – Do all forms / downloads work as expected
  • Bounce Rate – Can we see the bounce rate going down


Using Google analytics we pull in relevant data from each channel. This is then integrated with Search Console and any other third party reporting software such as Campaign Monitor, Adwords, Adroll to mention a few.

ukcloud case study 1

We like to see the website as an evolutionary process, with as much direction as possible but leading to a process of change as we refine what is working well and what can be improved. We do this by building a flexible scalable platform that can improve though the visualisation of performance metrics placed in the site code.

ukcloud case study 2

We use this to give you an overview of each channel, Cross channel insight then allows us to easily analyse data, react to the data, and see results from our improvements.


We are already in discussions about the next phase of the evolution for UKCloud who are as keen as us to maximise it’s potential.

ukcloud case study 3


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