Most addictive websites. Ever.

Some companies spend thousands of pounds on a beautiful website design, website development and associated content marketing strategy ensuring SEO optimization and top results.

Other owners of websites design and build a platform that is highly addictive and generates a lot of traffic regardless of whether they have a website content strategy. These sites are few and far between and it’s certainly not an approach we would encourage, but at the same time we thought we would share some of the best, most addictive sites, with you…

This is why I’m broke – A website dedicated to the weird and wacky products available out there. Jet packs, unusual clothing, gadgets, freaky furniture; the list goes on. I challenge you to spend 2 minutes on there without saying “i want one of those”…

Spoiled photos – Ever taken a photo and noticed something funny in the background… or couldn’t resist snapping a particularly hilarious or odd moment? Then this is the site for you; a collection of funny pics from around the world populated by the readers.

I can has cheezeburger – A collection of pictures, gifs and videos with supporting captions. Think Have I Got News for You caption competition for pets. Move onto the Fail Blog and enter a melting pot of amusing pictures, videos, desirable items and embarrassing moments, this time from the human side of life!

Bro tips – deeply profound and delightfully cheeky all at once. This site is dedicated to providing modern advice to men trying to improve themselves. It’s targetted at late teens/early twenties but thats not to say that those of you over 30, or even 40, won’t get something out of it.