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As a website design agency we design and build all types of websites, developing creative ways of displaying easy to digest information. We love coming up with performance based creativity.

Xcite Digital Website designs


From a digital marketing perspective your website is the final point of conversion, whether it’s allowing customers to buy from the website, or simply backing up previous communication.

Our focus will be on creating a powerful web and mobile site that performs against every major usability check, giving consumers a positive brand perception and leading to more sales, loyalty and advocacy.


We work with some of the best Open Source CMS platforms on the market, and through our extensive experience we can meet any technical requirements.

After your website has been set up properly we will give onsite training to your staff and provide supporting documentation.

JEEP desktop computer screen


Xcite will develop the site in a framework which separates out the database, the website scripting (through a module based approach), and the front end view. This allows the website to utilise a variety of different formats including browsers, iPads, Mobile devices, and Social Media Applications, as well as allow allowing sandbox maintenance and improvement.

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The website platform and marketing will act as part of your sales funnel by driving engagement, building credibility, and making client conversion more successful. We aim to give your site the flexibility and scalability it needs to grow with you and provide the quality score we need to drive lead generation and conversion.


We like to see the website as an evolutionary process, with as much direction as possible at the beginning but leading to a process of change as we refine what is working well and what can improve. We can do this by making a flexible scalable platform that understands what is working through the performance metrics placed on the site.

Creative process


Your copy will be beautifully written by our Content Writers who take your lead on what to write about, along with your existing content and will then shape into a tone of voice that reflects your brand and messaging.


Xcite Digital also takes accessibility very seriously and we ensure adherence to the guidelines laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We have proven experience in creating industry standard compliant code that ensures our clients deliver their social responsibilities.



We believe that mobiles are a primary way to communicate with your target audience, and when looking at your analytics you will either be surprised at how much traffic already comes from mobile devices or already know how many customers are having a bad experience on your website.

We design and build all websites using responsive design which as it ‘says on the tin’ respond to their environments i.e. one platform works seamlessly across multiple devices such as Browsers, Mobile phones and iPads etc.

Alternatively we can build stand alone mobile platforms that have a completely customised interface for mobile.