Social Media Strategy – How to tweet!

Managing to get your point across on twitter within the restrictive 140 characters can be somewhat of an artform. As a leading digital marketing agency we’ve put together a list of handy hints and tips to help you tweet your company to success.

Dream scenario; everyone retweets your posts! Not only that but you want them to include a comment of their own before they retweet. Ideally you also want them to “quote retweet” so it includes your twitter username. But all this means you need to leave enough free characters for them to do so. Forget 140 characters, depending on the length of your handle on average you need to work to 100!

But that’s not the only challenge. The key is writing something worth reading and/or compel readers to action it – click on link, retweet you, follow you… Our digital marketing services include advice on twitter and other SoMe platforms so here are a few rules to get you started:

1) Use Twitter to air your (or your business’) personality – have fun with it.
2) Don’t bore people, they really don’t want to know what sandwich you’re having every lunch time.
3) If you wouldn’t say it in public, don’t say it on Twitter.
4) Share ideas and content of real value to your followers.
5) Twitter is a two-way street, so follow back, re-tweet, recommend and comment.
6) Always, always read your tweet back before hitting the Tweet button

And once you’ve got the hang of the twitter basics, it’s time to address your twitter content marketing strategy by answering the following questions:

1) Who are you targeting?
2) What do you hope to achieve?
3) What kind of things do you want to tweet about?
4) How much time are you going to invest?
5) What’s your tone of voice going to be?