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Hi! We are a search and social digital marketing agency working with some of the world’s leading consumer focused brands. We have achieved this by focusing on what we are good at and producing results better than our rivals.

This has led us to become one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the UK, winning awards for growth, innovation and excellence in the consumer space.

We focus on businesses that require high volumes of consumer sales, from FTSE 100 FMCG clients and major high street food chains, to legal and recruitment firms. We understand the buying behaviour of your target audience, we know their touch points, and we know how to create empathy with your brand.

Our approach as shown here is simple, and simple for a reason:


We find your audience, the people who have a common interest in your brand and want to share and participate in conversation with you.


We engage your audience by developing innovative platforms and creating unique content that inspires, motivates, and changes opinion.


We create a sense of loyalty with your community through experiences, building brand advocacy.

By understanding consumer behaviour and their triggers along the buying cycle we are able to create an inverted sales funnel, where one customer dropped in at the top leads to many that drop out of the bottom.








Xcite Digital was set up by Robert Walker who previously worked for ones of the leading digital agencies in the UK that became GYRO HSR. His Approach has been fairly simple; focus on what your good at, hire experts who have outstanding experience in their field, and most importantly love you clients.

An extract from Inspire Me Magazine in 2012:

Founded by Robert Walker, Xcite Digital is an award winning, digital marketing agency that designs, builds, and markets websites and produces digital marketing campaigns for blue chip clients such as Pizza Express, BP, and Skoda.

In 2010, Robert received the Inspire Young Entrepreneur of the year Award and currently shares his specialist digital knowledge as a blog writer for the Guardian online.

“If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, you will never be happier than going it alone and starting your own business. When you are young and just starting out, you have much less to lose. By adopting a positive attitude you soon come to realise that not succeeding doesn’t exist, you can’t fail unless you stop trying all together!

“My Goal for the company is become one of the most respected digital agencies in the UK if not the world. I am on a journey to produce outstanding work, to inspire and make digital marketing the cornerstone of communication and story telling.

“Every one of us has come from a past of telling stories, stories that help your children develop and allow communities to prosper through the sharing of information. It’s part of life itself and nothing new, I am simply providing the latest tools to continue an age old tradition.”