Xcite Digital back run2work

The secret’s out; in the past few months Xcite Digital have been working on a project that is looking to revolutionise the daily commute…

There are too many hurdles for commuters on their journeys to and from work, be it tube strikes, traffic jams, or the increasing cost of fuel. So, why not get people using alternative means of commuting?

Our client wanted to create a movement that would follow the footsteps of the Government’s successful ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme. Instead of getting commuters to fork out on new bikes, equipment, and maintenance, commuters could instead still get fit, active and healthy, but also save a lot of money and reduce their stress levels by running to work.

We came up with a vision to make an online place for runners to work, this place would help runners find the best running to work routes and allow them offer advice on running to their fellow runners. By offering our expert knowledge in usability and website development we were able to create a site that would officially become the home of run2work.


This campaign combined a wide range of marketing elements as part of our ACCELERATE digital marketing programme, including such elements as development of the run2work’s distinctive Route Planner tool, Social and Email marketing. Our goal was to give run-commuters all the tools they needed to join the movement, whether it’s by finding different running routes through the app or joining groups in their area through Facebook.

Did we mention that run2work is backed by the London Evening Standard? This huge support gives the opportunity to broadcast its message to readers of London’s biggest newspaper. The Evening Standard is most frequently read by commuters on trains, a significant audience that run2work is looking to target.

run2work - Evening Standard.jpg

The Evening Standard wasn’t the only big name supporting us, we also found partners for a series of #run2workdays in well known brands including Audible, Virgin Active and Sweatshop. Each #run2workday celebrates running to work and brings with it rewards from run2work’s partners to everyone who participates.

With great motivators for joining including free Audible Audiobook downloads, we were expecting to find high numbers of people joining this social movement and we weren’t far away from this prediction. The first #run2workday earlier in June drew in thousands of people in and around the UK and was a success.

As the chosen digital agency Xcite Digital will be at the centre of the movement and we are proud to find run2work is already taking over run commuting in the UK, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before it has this same influence all over the world.