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Content is the workhorse behind any successful marketing campaign! We create and distribute authoritative content, improving Search and social performance.
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Content enables consistency across each channel, and appeals to consumers who want your products today and those who might buy from you in the future.

We build and manage these communities, connecting them with your content through email campaigns, social posts, ppc advert messages, and landing pages.

The better the content, the more value it will bring to your audiences across each marketing channel, the more joined up and connected the content to your audience the greater the exposure, and the better the consistency.

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Run 2 Work

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Content marketing is an integral part of our overall marketing activity as it focuses on creating value with an audience, using engaging compelling content to create relationships. We run content marketing campaigns with most marketing campaigns, the most impressive is probably the Run to Work campaign we worked on with the Evening standard and Amazon. The content created can be found here

By performing detailed analysis on the target audience through search and social analytical tools we built up a strong understanding of what would be of value. In terms of content this was related to sports and fitness advice and distributed through a range of social and digital channels to encourage users to share, engage, comment and like what we have created for them.

In terms of results we created content that generated 1.7 Million Facebook impressions

We established over 100000 active participants within 6 months through the delivery of value based content to amplify exposure over multiple channels. Page impressions and time on site increased 35% week on week and engagement figures increased 25% week on week by constant evolvement of the campaign goals.