2014 was labelled the “year of the wearable”, and it seems 2015 will be no different. Wearable technology – is it a fad or here to stay? We take look at this in depth.



Wearable technology is a smart piece of technology that can be worn anywhere over the body. The recently launched Android watches and Google Glass instantly come to mind, however wearable tech has actually been around for quite some time with one of the earliest creations being the 80s’ “calculator watch”.


Wearable gadgets are slowly gaining traction in the technology market, however some of the big names, including Android, have yet to meet their targets.

Much to the delight of iOS enthusiasts the Apple Watch is set to launch this Spring, so it will be interesting to see how Apple will fare against the existing smart watches in the market.


For many of us, when it comes to deciding which smartphone to purchase we will weigh up the features that each phone offer before making the final decision. Now with the growing influence of wearable gadgets, this type of technology is another feature that may influence a purchase. Or, dare we say, it could be a deal breaker for consumers if a phone is not compatible with wearable gadgets or doesn’t come with one in the package!


Having received negative feedback on their first model, Google has took a step back and is working on polishing the Glass so its ready to the general public. Microsoft’s highly anticipated smart glasses named the ‘Hololens’ is also in the works – so we expect to see more wearable technology based around augmented reality and making real life easier in the, hopefully, not so distant future.

As we have concluded that “wearables” are very much here to stay, how will this smart technology affect digital marketing?

The new generation of wearable technology is far from perfect, but it will definitely become more important to marketeers. We are already seeing how apps are being adopted into the digital business strategy, future marketing campaigns could be tailored around what technology target audiences will wear. Wearables will open up opportunities for brands to get more creative and personal with their consumers.

The possibilities are endless, we can’t wait to see what else is in store for wearable technology!

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