At Xcite Digital Marketing we are often asked what value we can bring to a business’s digital marketing strategy. In this blog we explain this in more detail, and also feature a client of ours who has attracted recent press attention!

Our digital marketing approach is four-fold. We expand your customer reach by using multi-channel digital marketing to:

  • Find – through research and monitoring

  • Engage – by creating conversations and developing platforms

  • Convert – through conversion funnelling

  • Retain – by building loyal communities that drive advocacy

At the heart of our digital marketing strategy is the ACCELERATE programme which has been proven to achieve greater results than conventional marketing approaches. ACCELERATE is a complete digital marketing programme put together through years of collaborative experience from previously highly successful campaigns. It has been developed into a multi-channel marketing formula that can be applied to any consumer focused business, and is proven to turn prospects into customers.

ACCELERATE works because it enables businesses to understand their customers’ buying habits and the sales funnel using a range of activity to promote a consistent message that drives brand awareness, builds credibility and leads to conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

The ACCELERATE programme includes:

  • Creative communications

  • Search marketing

  • Social Media marketing

  • Content marketing

  • CRM marketing

  • User Experience Analysis

  • Website Design and build

  • Mobile

  • Analytics

One client has found the ACCELERATE programme has helped them to hit the ground running – literally! run2work is a rapidly growing movement in London that aims to encourage commuters to run all or part of the way to work at least once a month on #run2workday, the first Thursday of the month.

run2work is sponsored by the Evening Standard, and also recently caught the attention of the national press. The Daily Telegraph ran an article earlier this month that focussed on the trend for “run-commuters”. It described run-commuters as workers who choose to pound the pavements for at least part of their commute rather than sit in traffic or squeeze into trains and buses.

A recent study by the Royal Holloway University of London – funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) – indicates that the number of run-commuters has tripled in the last two years. Motives for run-commuting are very varied, and include general fitness, marathon training, dissatisfaction with public transport, and a desire for a better work-life balance.

The run2work campaign is spearheaded by Gordon Lott. He confirms the increase in people choosing to run-commute, and suggests that the results of the Royal Holloway study provide “a clear message to employers and the Government – they can do much more than is currently being done to enable people to be active and healthy.” At Xcite Digital we are pleased and proud to endorse and extend this message by managing the digital marketing strategy of run2work.

As well as promoting the monthly #run2workday, run2work are campaigning for better facilities for run-commuters and also tax breaks for equipment, equivalent to those for urban cycling initiatives. Gordon Lott believes that these measures could have a significant impact on the health of the nation.

Likewise we hope that the successful growth of the run2work movement clearly demonstrates that Xcite Digital’s Accelerate programme has a significant impact on the health of a business and can really enable them to hit the ground running!