ACCELERATE your business into Fast Forward!

In a recent blog we explained the importance of cross channel marketing, and referred to Xcite Digital’s Accelerate Cross Marketing Programme. Accelerate is a digital marketing programme that enables you to create synergy between channels and present a seamless customer experience.

Today we want to take 5 minutes of your time to explain Accelerate CMP in a little more detail and encourage you to think how it may benefit your business.


Accelerate CMP is a powerful cross channel marketing programme, designed to reach audiences over multiple channels and convert them through your website.

The aim of the programme is “Credibility to Conversion”, i.e. to build credibility and create sales, appealing to both consumers who need to make an informed decision and those ready to make a purchase. Accelerate then builds relationships that lead to sales at a higher volume.

Accelerate enables you to deliver and optimise PPC, SEO, Social, Content, Email, Creative and UX using cross channel data. The diagram below shows how these mechanisms could potentially relate to the different phases of consumer interaction, from initial awareness to loyalty and recommendation:


Accelerate CMP has a high success rate because it presents a consistent brand message, and gives value to consumers from the content we create to the creative and messaging we use.

Combining insight from each channel also allows us to produce highly effective strategies for SEO, PPC, Social, UX and Content, which are then further optimised based on what is proved to be working.

Shared insight gives better data, quickly improving ROI. Overall costs are reduced as we are able to utilise similar assets over multiple channels.


In other words, we improve results and reduce cost!

We are able to track the progress of your Accelerate programme through the use of a real time dashboard designed to track the sales pipeline and improve conversion.

This enables us to provide monthly reporting on the progress of your campaign and to analyse campaign activity spikes to see what activities are resulting in the most conversions, and then react accordingly.

For more of how the Accelerate programme can move a business forward take a look at some of the clients that have begun to use it so successfully that they will never look back. If you want to increase the pace of your business, Accelerate is the way to go!!