How To Adopt SEO Into Your Digital Strategy Plan

“Behind every digital marketing campaign there is SEO. Digital marketing without SEO is like a curry without spices; it’s just not right.” – Robert Walker, Managing Director of Xcite Digital

We’ve have blended our knowledge and trends in Search Engine Optimisation to compile vital information you’ll need to start optimising your site.

SEO garners a high ranking for “organic” “natural” search listings. One of the best reasons for including SEO in your digital marketing strategy are the long term benefits for a relatively low cost.

So, what do you do?

  • KEYWORDS – Keywords are words typed into search engines, these would be associated with your site. Some keywords are more competitive than others such as “clothes online”, there are many websites that would use these keywords so it would be more difficult to rank highly with them.

  • RICH CONTENT – Companies everywhere opt for using content marketers to do the tricky business of generating keyword-rich content content. Usually this would be in the form of blog posts/articles, however you can also optimise images and even videos! By optimising content on your site you are already getting higher up on the search engine ladder.

  • LINK IT! – These would include adding links to your pages around your site. You can also paste your site links to sources other than your site, this is known as external linking. Linking not only creates shortcuts for visitors to your site’s pages but also helps to build trust with search engines.

  • HTML – To reach your website’s full potential add titles, tags and descriptions relating to content in your site’s pages. If you want to make life easier, why not opt for CMS platforms such as Shopify and WordPress? They are widely used by companies and individuals for optimising content.

  • MONITOR – The only way to know how well your site is doing is through monitoring! There are plenty of tools online that can analyse your site and provide you with useful statistics e.g. Google Analytics. From there, you’ll be able to see how your site can reach the top.

SEO has so many elements that we’ve found the perfect infographic demonstrating the science of Search Engine marketing…

It’s clear adopting SEO in your digital business strategy will have a significantly positive impact on the health of your site and it’s ranking.

Infographic courtesy of Search Engine Land
Image courtesy of Flickr, SEOPlanter