Big data shows true value of social media

‘Big data’ are the new buzz words sweeping the industry but instead of being yet another example of generic business-jargon, the sort spouted out in boardrooms and exec meetings; this one actually has a bit of substance behind it!

Organisations have cottoned on to the immediate results derived from social media campaigns, not to mention the sheer amount of responses gained. By collating all this ‘big data’ it not only does it open companies eyes and provide a real strategic insight it also produces true business intelligence companies can act on.

To give you an idea what we’re talking about, here are a few of the companies, across a broad spectrum of industries, that have used big data to extract the true value of their social media strategy:

Marketing: Nestle is using social media to engage with the market using its 24/7 big data powered central command center. Instead of relying on surveys, which can go out of date quickly, they have opted for real time data through social media with a dedicated team monitoring conversations about their products. The team can then engage directly with consumers and improve their experience. As a result Nestle has jumped from #16 to #12 in the Reputation Institute’s index.

Natural disasters/management: Following the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Virginia in 2011 it transpired Twitter was the first and richest source in data, even over the official US Geologic Survey! So much so the US Geologic Survey are now exploring how to incorporate social media to enhance their own reports.

Education Industry: engaged 200,000 people worldwide as part of a Facebook social media campagin to combat bullying in schools and analyse their sentiments. The results were staggering with 88% of teens viewing bullying as a major issue. The results led to making full time changes to address the problem.

Advertising Industry: Dachis Group used big data analysis of social media to create a more up-to-date and accurate ranking of the competitive position of engagement at large companies. It developed a new scoring system taking into account the companies social graph and social media activity.

Other industries to utilise big data captured through social media are: Financial, automotive, telecommunications and utility/energy services, criminal justice system and the health care industry. Whatever sector you represent, by adopting a big data mentality to your social media marketing activities you may be surprised by the amount of valuable data you capture. Then all you’ve got to do is act on it!