Content Marketing Boom : Digital Marketing Specialists

Xcite Digital started it’s journey as a website development company however we knew that wasn’t going to be enough to help our clients with exposure, brand awareness and most importantly, sales. We can create and convert a beautiful website design, but getting potential customers to the site is another story.

We could see that traditional digital marketing techniques were changing and there was soon to be a new kid on the block: content marketing. We adopted this new approach into our own social media strategy as well as our customers social media campaigns.

…And it turns out being ahead of the game and taking that risk was the right thing to do.

The Content Marketing Institute conducted a study of their industry in late 2011, around the same time we were reassessing what more we could do for our clients, and the results were released last year. The study may have been done when content marketing was still in it’s infancy but today it’s stronger than ever and the results & stats speak for themselves.

An infographic was produced to illustrate the CMI study and also provides some insight into the wonderful world of content marketing in which we are fully submerged…