Branding Companies Online

Once you’ve established your brand, promoting it online is both similar and different from the digital marketing techniques that have become the norm. You therefore need to approach branding companies online uniquely; using web tools expands your business reach and maximise your efforts. As a leading digital marketing agency with proven experience in re-branding and re-launching companies, we have put together the top 5 tips for branding companies online;

URL Address – Produce a sense of identity. Provide potential customers with a glimpse into your business before they even see the site.

Keywords – Part of SEO optimization. Keywords help search engines connect you with your desired audience. Try to be imaginative and go for a mixture of popular and unique keywords to help your rankings.

Website – Time to showcase your vision, products and/or services. Your website must speak for your brand. The design, functionality and user experience should reflect your company’s values; this is done through website development including design and website content strategy. Don’t forget the all important company logo!

Blog – Google loves new content! Blogs will not only help establish the brand but by including the vital keywords will also aid your SEO optimization. This should be part of your content strategy.

Social Profiles – When it comes to digital marketing social media is king. Branding companies online, in this instance, is the same. Use the social networking sites to build up relationships with potential and current customers. Always include a logo or something that visitors can immediately associate with your company – and remember!

So that’s how you do it! Why not pop back later in the week to see the equally important what-NOT-to-do’s!!