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Loans 2 Go Financial Marketing

Loans 2 Go are providers of both Standard and Premier personal loans, as well as the market leader in the provision of logbook loans throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

The Campaign

Loans 2 Go are a nationwide consumer lending organisation with over 60 stores around the UK offering unsecured consumer finance, short term loans and logbook loans. They operate two subsidiary companies, Simple Fast Loans and Logbook Loans.

Loans 2 Go chose Xcite Digital to generate digital loan applications online, and convert more financial loans because of their track record in this sector, using their trusted expertise to double lead volume and then focusing on reducing Cost Per Acquisition. One of the key priorities was for every touch point to be improved for the customer: cross channel and cross device.

The second aim of the Loans 2 Go campaign was to maintain and grow the market share that Loans 2 Go hold in the personal loans and logbook loan sector. They did this by building on the brand value and reputation of Loans 2 Go, offering new products to an existing audience, and growing a wider audience of potential new customers.

As part of this we conducted a multi channel audit of Loans 2 Go, reviewing the success across different channels such as Paid Search, Organic SEO, Content, social and Email. From this intelligence we helped Loans 2 Go develop an ambitious multi channel marketing strategy that defined exactly what they want from each channel, who they want to target, how to personalise the message and what success will look like.

We appreciate that it can be difficult for businesses in the financial sector to harness the potential of Google and other search engines due to constraints around PPC advertising for the provision of loans. However, as a Google Partner we’re able to work with their search teams to create, run and maintain an effective PPC campaign within this sector. This is then supported by the use of other digital marketing strategies such as organic SEO, Paid Search, paid social / retargeting, content, social engagement, email campaigns and backlinking.

We also implemented a marketing programme with the two subsidiary companies Simple Fast Loans and Logbook Loans. This programme included:

User Experience
We helped them to match the originating consumer message with the same brand consistency throughout their websites to maximise engagement and minimise drop off.
SEO and Organic Search

A strategy was created for both websites so that they would appear in search results when their target audiences searches for services related to what they do.

To create the strategy we produced a range of audits on different aspects of their businesses, including websites, competitors and the market in general. From this we determined the best information to use when marketing the websites. This is then broken down into the following sections which are explained throughout this document.

  • Onsite SEO
    • Keywords / Pages
    • On-page optimisation
    • UX
    • Internal linking strategy
  • Offsite SEO
    • External Link-building
    • Social
    • Content
  • Location SEO
  • Mobile SEO
PPC – Pay-Per-Click
We blended insight, creativity, and energy to make sure that their adverts appear at the right place, at the right time, and with the most compelling message.
PAID SOCIAL A campaign of social advertising and retargeting was launched to reiterate different messages at different stages of the user journey.
CONTENT We began regularly posting relevant content on their websites to attract attention, engage the reader, and link to related products.
EMAIL We designed email templates and built these into our email delivery platform allowing both us and the companies to edit and send email campaigns, as well as view a full suite of reporting.
ANALYTICS We used Google analytics to pull in relevant data from each channel and provide the client with an overview of the performance each channel in the monthly report.

Loans 2 Go have 60 branches around the UK so location search was an easy way to create quick wins: this is because a lot of customers still want to search for local suppliers. Not only is this important for search via desktop, but the increase in mobile search and the search weighting for Google My Business results, makes them essential. As part of this:

  • We created local-focused content, optimized for relevant keywords plus location in titles, descriptions and other content.
  • We used the local-focused content when generating links from other local websites, organisations and business listings
  • We utilised location-based directories and services, such as Yelp and online Yellow Pages. Also location-based apps such as:
    • Google+ Business Page
    • Yelp
    • Yahoo local listings
    • Facebook
    • Foursquare
    • Local council directories

We are also restructuring the mobile site so that it delivers properly “above the fold”, and allows the user to begin interacting with the page as soon as possible. Since mobile device CPUs are less powerful than desktop CPUs, speed tips that reduce CPU consumption (for instance JavaScript Parse time) need to be addressed first.

As the campaign runs we pick up more and more insight allowing us to evolve the campaign, from learning what messaging drives conversion, to finding out which UX layout, or content leads users to stay on the page longer.

When trying to develop a user centric digital model, every touch point has to be aligned with the consumer and this starts with good creative, layout and UX.

This can be simplifying the number of options, focusing users attention on the key features. By breaking down the different audience types, researchers, first time applicants, repeat buyers, looking for a studio etc we can then make these incredibly simple to use. By tracking specific points around the site, we can see the user flow around these areas to see which is working well, and where improvements can be made.

By watching these figures daily we build up a good model of how people are using your website, and through constant minimal improvement along the user journey we can create big improvements at the end of the sales funnel.

The Results

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