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Engaging 216,000 NHS patients


The NHCCG are the organisation responsible for buying health services from Hospital Trusts, Mental Health Trusts and community organisations in the North Hampshire Region.

The North Hampshire CCG required a new re-branded website that reflects its corporate values and commissioning responsibilities.

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The aim of the new website is to promote and raise awareness of the NHCCG, highlight key information to local patients; voluntary organisations; the public sector, including local Government and other parts of the NHS (e.g. the NCB, the Public Health Team Commissioning Support Unit); Central Government, particularly the Department of Health and any other interested parties.

The site will encourage locally registered patients to be engaged in the CCG’s work as well as provide some public health information to to help avoid unnecessary admissions to A&E

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A major part of the project is the reorganisation of the mass of content on the NHCCG website and adding correctly into the new Database so that when the new website is built the content is easy for visitors to find.

The new website has a user-friendly content-management-system (CMS) that key members of staff can easily use, and we provided both onsite and offsite training

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The new site will be a place that builds confidence and shows how the NHCCG is made up in a modern feel that helps deliver on core organisation objectives, clearly highlighting values and raising the bar in terms of how the NHCCG are viewed.


One of the main objectives is to build a sense of community and value within the website, so that target audiences can easily access and use the site, feeling more connected to what’s happening with their health needs in the local area.


The website will encourage members to spend time communicating with one another and get a sense of value from the site and organisation, leading them to find out more about the health care policies in their area.


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