Pizza Express

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A social research strategy was created for Pizza Express to help them understand the behaviour of their target audience and demographic across the entire social spectrum.

It outlined where the noise was being created around their brand and how much was being generated across each channel. We then defined the best way to interact and engage with their fans.

An engagement campaign was run called ‘Like Me, Like My Price’ generating ‘Noise’ through social channels by linking to a dynamic Facebook app which dropped the price of a pizza by 1p for every ‘Like’.

The Noise was then engaged to drive offline sales and the data was re-used for ongoing marketing campaigns.

Tracked by an instore voucher redemption system

Generated over 50000 ‘Likes’

Created loyalty, empathy and rapport by customers who commented on instore reviews

User data was captured for on-going marketing campaigns

Nominated for a DADI Award – 2012 for our work with Pizza Express

The brand was socially exposed to over 10m users in 6 months.

Reach of over
in first 6 months
Award Winning