Coke Needs to Transform Marketing

As Coca-Cola report a fall of 8.4% in net income in the fourth quarter, and look towards transforming its marketing and commercial model, we can feel happier in the knowledge that even the big global giants need to adapt their strategies in order to stay ahead of the game.

Coke, for years has had a reputation of being the best from a marketing point of view, but perhaps these new figures reflect how playing it “safe “ for the the last few years may not have paid off. Even their recent marketing campaign for the Super Bowl ad failed to gain the presence that Coke have experience in the market for so many years.

Their #AmericaIsBeautiful advert only managed just over 9,000 tweets  and 81,000 YouTube views, while in comparison Budweiser’s advert, featuring a puppy bonding with a horse, drew in an impressive 185,000 tweets and has racked up 36 million YouTube views.

It seems Coke has lost touch with their audiences, creating marketing campaigns that do not reflect the true nature of the business or their audience. Their last  #AmericaIsBeautiful  advert came under much criticism by many Americans as it featured the song ‘America The Beautiful’ but in foreign languages, not what the audience wanted.

It can seem like it’s a mystery how some social campaigns work, and some do not. We are currently working on a secret campaign with a major partner that should drive consumer growth using social only tactics.


SOURCES: Campaign Live

Image courtesy of Breitbart