Cry out to gamers this Christmas

We had a very exciting day in the Xcite Digital office last week…

All you gamers out there will be well aware of the torrent of new releases that hit our online shelves as we approach Christmas. Needless to say there are a few gamers here in the office so imagine our delight when we were approached by the leading games publisher, Ubisoft, to help them with the release of the highly anticipated Far Cry 3!

Xcite’s directive was to not only improve brand perception but also increase online conversation at the most important end of their sales funnel, the retailers product page.

As a consumer you know there are a multitude of sites to purchase new games from, but how do you choose which site… and more importantly, which game?

Here at Xcite Digital we have worked closely with Ubisoft to revolutionise the product preview and buying experience with certain retailers. We’ve done this by breaking away from the norm and developed an interactive product page giving gamers and potential customers a better overview of the product before parting with their hard earned cash.

With our new product pages you’re given clearer insight into the whole game including the individual characters and their background stories, the various locations you’ll be visiting, a few hints and tips to look out for along the way, as well as a visual game ‘walk through’ so you can see for yourself just what you’re missing out on.

By opening their doors and giving consumers the opportunity to really get to know the game before purchase, Ubisoft (and Xcite Digital) are hoping to attract a new audience to their releases. So if you have a gamer in your life and are struggling with Christmas gift ideas then why not check it out and see if this is the game for them…

Far Cry 3