Glastonbury – The Social Media Winners

What was the one word on everyone’s lips last weekend? Glastonbury! Getting bigger every year, the festival has captured the attention of major social networks. Fans from all over the globe travelled to the renowned music festival, many of whom went straight to their social networks to fuel the buzz.

The festival has certainly left a long lasting impression; it’s earned the medal for being one of the most trending topics of last week.

The impressive line-up for the annual event included The Rolling Stones, Dizzee Rascal, Arctic Monkeys and many more. It wasn’t just the big names that were talked about, in fact lesser-known acts such as Ben Howard had no trouble getting their share of the Twitter limelight.

So who were the most talked about acts on Twitter? We’ll let the infographic below answer just that…

Social site marketing Glastonbury-infographic

Infographic courtesy of Crush London.
Image courtesy of Flickr, Martin Fisch.