Guidelines : SoMe

Whether you decide to implement employee driven social media in business or not, here’s a word of warning (and another stat); even though companies know that employees use social media sites to voice their opinions and share thoughts, a staggering 76% of companies do not have a clearly defined social media policy. Error!

We know that your staff love working for you but in this social media world your employees are your brand; everything they chose to share online reflects both positively and negatively (eek!) on your company.

As a guide, here are a few ideas as to what companies normally think about including in their SoMe policy;

* Be clear when it is and most importantly, when it isn’t appropriate for an employee to be     speaking on behalf of the company.
* Provide them with examples of behaviour that will not be tolerated.
* Produce clear disclaimers that employees can use when expressing personal opinion about the company.
* Be clear about the information that employees are NEVER allowed to share; internal communication, performance data, finances etc.

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