How To Get Hired

Yes it’s that time of year already: The Apprentice will soon be back on our screens. Who will be the first hapless recipient of the dreaded words “you’re fired”? And which determined contestant will go on to win the coveted business partnership with Lord Sugar?

Love it or hate it, The Apprentice does represent a microcosm of the business world. Candidates are constantly under scrutiny and every performance matters. Most people will not remember how brilliant they were in one episode if they then mess up in another. Unfair? Yes, but it’s the way of the world.

This very much reflects the day to day life of a digital marketing agency. There are many agencies around, so why should a client choose yours? Especially when you think of the number of people, messages and businesses that a client is exposed to over various channels during the course of a typical working day.

If you are potentially in the frame to work for this client then you need to ensure that you provide them with a strong level of reassurance that you are the best fit for the job. You need to get into the mindset of the client and convince them that it should be you that is hired, not fired.

So make sure that you get the following messages across, loud and clear:

You have other renowned clients
A new client is likely to feel more comfortable about hiring you if they can see that other known businesses are also using you. So do make sure that potential clients know the breadth of your existing client base when pitching for work. Give particular emphasis to clients in the same sector or with other common factors.

You have good reviews and case studies
When referring to current clients it is usually not enough just to mention names. You also need to have hard evidence of results. So make sure you collect client reviews and commendations, and have case studies readily available so that you can provide specific information about the types of campaigns you have run and how successful they have been.

To give you an example of this, at Xcite Digital we have a section of our website dedicated to our clients and the work that we have done for them. Why not take a browse through now to get some ideas.

You have a solid business
Many clients prefer to hire an agency that is well-established and has been around for a few years. So if you are a relatively new agency you are likely to have to work harder to prove your worth to a potential client. However old your business is, you need to convince the client that your business is solid, well-run and is going places. You need to convey that you have the best combination of a good business foundation and forward-thinking, disruptive marketing abilities.

You are truly a multi-channel agency
Some digital marketing agencies may present themselves as multi-channel but in fact be specialists in just one or two channels. This can lead to campaign failure and client disappointment. You need to be open and honest about what you can do, and be able to demonstrate success stories for a number of marketing channels. This will give clients the confidence that their brand will be in safe hands if they choose you.

Your team can cope
Potential clients need to know that you are large enough to meet their needs, but small enough to have the personal touch and to be flexible. When bidding for work, make sure that you will be able to deliver all that you promise so that you do not end up being completely stretched and letting the client down. As your workload grows you are likely to need extra resources to make sure that everything is done to the best of your abilities. You need to time this carefully to ensure that you have enough income from regular work to fund more resources, but before that regular work becomes overwhelming.

If you can convey the above messages confidently and professionally to potential clients then your digital marketing agency stands a very good chance of being hired. We wish you every success on your journey.