The golden rules of that every SEO agency needs to know

The world of SEO is constantly changing. For example, we recently wrote about vertical searching and the impact that has on SEO. But there are five golden rules to follow with SEO that, whatever else changes, will still apply.

Content is still king
In the above article we explained how Google’s latest algorithm is now based on interpreting user intent, rather than just recognising keywords. So the competent marketer or SEO agency now needs to base their research and optimisation on topic relevancy rather than keywords. You need to get into the mind of a searcher and think like they do.

Content, it appears, is still king. But this new king needs to be cleverer than before. Content needs to be long and comprehensive enough to cover entire topics in the right amount of detail. It needs to anticipate and answer the questions that readers are likely to have. Relevant content will lead to higher rankings.

Make UX a priority
SEO and UX should not be in competition but should work together in harmony. In essence, SEO attracts visitors to your site but UX will keep them. Getting them there is only half the battle. So your site needs to be easy to navigate – no matter how visitors have entered it. It should be secure, fast and mobile-friendly. Your content should be of such quality and relevance that visitors want to stay and engage.

Continually aim for better integration between SEO and UX teams. Successful SEO will get visitors to your site, but it will be wasted effort unless successful UX makes them want to stay there.

Make sure you do everything you can to feature your business locally. Local SEO continues to grow in importance, particularly in mobile search rankings.

To do this you need to ensure that you are listed in all local online business listings. Think of these as online versions of business phone directories. Local business listings will give more visibility to your business. Every local listing that you create increases your chances of being found online by customers.

Make sure that any ,local content includes correct and up to date information such as description, opening hours, location, categories, and contact details. Also include online reviews, and any specific local information that will increase relevance to searchers.

Good reviews
We have just mentioned online reviews, and these are of increasing importance. They are a highly effective way to help build credibility. Do all that you can to encourage consumers to leave reviews. For example you could for reviews on product pages or in email campaigns, and offer rewards or incentives to those that do leave them.

Your SEO work also needs to optimise performance for search phrases that include keywords such as ‘review’. This could lead to snippets of review content being featured in search engine listings, which is likely to increase click-throughs.

Keeping up with trends in technology
The one constant thing is life is change, so in the world of SEO it is important to keep up with trends in technology. For example, you need to be aware of algorithm changes and be prepared to adapt accordingly.

However, don’t be panicked into jumping on every single bandwagon. There are always new technologies on the horizon: at the moment these include voice technology and virtual reality. Whilst it is important to learn about such developments and begin to plan for their potential, it is worth waiting until they are fully embraced by consumers before investing further.

One useful strategy to adopt with new technology is to monitor related search volumes and signals of intent. Once it has become clearer what impact the new technology is beginning to have, then informed marketing decisions can be made.

Follow the above tips and you will be well on the way to developing a strategy that will not only stand the test of time, but that any SEO agency would be proud of.