Oreo – Daily Twist

The aim of Oreo’s 100 day “Daily Twist” social and digital campaign was to engage with their audience through a digital format and they did so through a selection of visually striking images including Gay Pride, Shark week, Mars Rover and a tribute to panda Shin-Shin’s newborn cub.

Oreo used a multi-agency team to create and manage the campaign, and used it to drive interactions and conversations with fans through a combination of entertainment, utility, inspiration and humour.

As well as its own website, Oreo has a presence on Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook – where its fan base now numbers over 37 million.  Since the campaign, Oreo has seen a 110% growth in fan interaction (shares/likes/comments) per social-media post.  The company averaged 7,000 per post before the “Daily Twist” launch but subsequently reached an average of 14,700.