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Co-operative – Snaptop

December 17, 2014 | Author:

The Co-op launched a promotional campaign on Snapchat, called Snaptop, targeting students.  Snapchat is an app that allows users to exchange “self-destructing” photographs that disappear a number of seconds after they have been viewed.

The Co-op campaign involved students firstly being encouraged to add The Co-operative Electrical as a friend on Snapchat in order to take part in the campaign.

They were then  sent a code via Snapchat offering £30 off laptops purchased from The Co-operative Electrical. The code was only available for five to ten seconds after the image was opened on the student’s phone.

Through the campaign the Co-op experienced thousands of visitors on the campaign microsite site, and sales of laptops did increase. It also had positive impact in terms of raising awareness of the brand as a socially innovative online retailer and gained a great deal of publicity within the trade press.

Audi – One Million Reasons

December 10, 2014 | Author:

In this campaign, Audi launched a new ‘One Million Reasons’ microsite which was able to transform the comments their fans were making on various social media channels into a digital 3D experience.

The website encourages fans to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google, about why they love the brand, using the hashtag #onemillionreasons.

When they do this, their comments are then incorporated as a spherical particle into a 3D visualisation of the latest Audi R8. They can then find their unique, one in a million, particle of the model and share it via their social media channels.

The campaign also gave fans the chance to win an Audi R8 drive. It has been a very successful social media campaign in terms of understanding Audi fans and their love for the brand.

ASOS – Live Twitter Games Campaign

December 3, 2014 | Author:

ASOS launched a series of live Twitter games with the aim of raising awareness of their products and brand.  

ASOS recognised that amongst their target market of 20-somethings, gaming is huge: 60% play games on their mobiles. The Twitter games were hosted to appeal to that audience.

So far, ASOS have hosted eight games showcasing 350, products. An estimated 70,000 people have taken part, either watching the games streamed live or tweeting using a game-related hashtag to interact and win prizes in real time.

Each time the games ran, ASOS’s Twitter following increased by 133% and hourly sales attributable to Twitter jumped to 774%.  There was also an increase in the target audience talking about specific products and product features on Twitter, increasing positive conversation around the brand.


December 2, 2014 | Author:

One thing that we do not tend to focus on that often in these Xcite Digital blogs is our expertise in Creative Design. We have such a broad range of expertise in all aspects of digital marketing that sometimes the purely creative aspects can get a little overlooked.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 15.35.22.png

We are proud to redress that balance here with a brilliant logo that we have recently created for an organisation called The Heart Gallery. We think you’ll agree that it’s both edgy and sophisticated, creating the ideal balance of being eye-catchingly attractive yet with a serious message behind it.   The red and blue colours reflect the appearance of a medical textbook, whilst the graffiti style font screams out raw energy.

The Heart Gallery specialises in creating artwork incorporating ECG (ElectroCardioGram) heart traces into their designs, with stunning effect! The idea behind The Heart Gallery stemmed from a patient recovering from a heart attack. She had been told that her illness was due to lifestyle choices such as diet and alcohol consumption, and she wanted a copy of her ECG as a constant reminder of the time spent in hospital and the changes she was about to make.

The work of the Heart Gallery displays ECG patterns over intricately formed hand made backgrounds in materials such as wood, acetate, plaster and some are even 3D. Check out the Heart Gallery’s website here to see more of their amazing work!

Diesel India – Facebook Flash mob campaign

November 28, 2014 | Author:

Diesel India launched a Facebook campaign to promote its second anniversary sale.

It started by around 500 people – comprising  employees of Diesel India and members of Diesel’s Facebook community – changing their relationship status at a pre-decided time. Whenever other Facebook users questioned the change, a standard response was used “Single is boring, Twosome is Awesome. Come along to and join the party”.

The message went viral and within two hours of activity Diesel received more than 1,000 visitors and registrations on the website. The activity achieved an estimated 75,000 views within two days of its launch.

When users visited the website they were able to generate a QR code to obtain a discount of 50 per cent at Diesel retail outlets and also invite 10 of their friends for a further 5 per cent discount.

The campaign created widespread exposure and the intended buzz; a Facebook flash mob indeed!