QR Codes are a technological advancement utilised by digital marketing execs around the world. They seemed to appear from nowhere and for a time, were all the rage… but like most things the interest has waived somewhat. Not to say they’re no longer used, not at all, in fact some companies are investing in more creative ways of using the QR Code graphics (come back next week to see just that!). However, what we have seen is the initial buzz settling into a steady state.

Believe it or not the QR Code (which stands for Quick Response Code) was actually invented by a subsidiary of Toyota in 1994 for use in the automotive industry. It is now a marketing tool used the world over; in the UK alone there are now over 11.1 million smartphone users and with a huge range of free QR Code reader apps available, everyone now has a bar code reader in their pocket. That has led to a steady increase of marketing and digital agencies using QR Codes in advertising and publicity, a world away from the industry it was first invented for.

QR Codes are a quick and easy way to enable your clients to click through to your mobile site with minimal effort. It also provides an advertising platform that doesn’t have to rely on your customer taking in all the information quickly, or even having to do it right there and then; they can simply scan the code which will save the link on their phone and they can visit the site later (and as many times as they want!).

As a leading digital marketing agency we think the QR Code is here to stay. It may not ever be the height of digital marketing and advertising, but it will always be here, and will always offer companies an alternative way to connect with their customers in this ever-changing technology driven world…