Renault – UndressNewTwingo

When Renault were planning the launch of their new Twingo, the design was subject to much speculation both from the press and the general public.

Renault had circulated spy shots of the car covered in camouflage stickers to give a taster of the car’s shape then built on this using the #UndressNewTwingo campaign which offered the opportunity to remove these camouflage stickers in a “strip tweet” and reveal the Twingo in real time.

The campaign began on 13th February and was streamed live on Twitter. For every 100 tweets using the hashtag #UndressNewTwingo four dancers removed another part of the camouflage to gradually reveal the Twingo’s new design.

The faster the public tweets came in, the faster the new model was revealed, and everyone’s reactions were displayed live during the show on digital screens surrounding the car.

Overall, more than 4,500 tweets were sent, and over 150 media sources and blogs worldwide who published articles about the reveal. During the whole event they had 100,000 visitors to the site with 78,000 people tuning in to watch the action.