Search and Social Marketing

We have taken on a much wider spectrum of clients over the past year, helping our clients focus on their marketing funnel and understanding customer touch points along the user journey.

This has resulted in bringing in more experienced talent into the company and leading on Search and Social marketing.

Results so far have been far more impressive for both our clients and ourselves than i could have imagined, it seems there is a lot of competition out there simply doing a very poor job and whether its because they are lazy or not focused, or simply trying to churn clients im not sure.

I dont really understand why its so hard to do a good job for clients, but im not complaining as it means we are winning more and more work and we are making clients happy.

I made a decision a long time ago i wanted to build a company focused on results and happy clients, trust me i have worked in companies that did not have that philosophy and its not a nice place to be.

As we continue to grow i want to make a promise that we will stop at nothing to bring in the best staff, deliver excellent work, and continually try to over delivery for our clients.

If you know anyone we could help then please put them in touch.