Another reason why Social Marketing creates sales

A lot of people like to jump on the back of Social, asking for justification on sales. My answer is usually to compare to a billboard next to a road. What would you prefer.

They both advertise to a large number of consumers however the difference is that social creates loyalty through the network it comes from, builds advocacy when it get shared, and most importantly is focused on the precise consumers who actually want to engage with the brand. There is no waste.

The fact that it is not a point of sale marketing tool is somehow the key factor, but if you think back to the traditional sales funnel there are a number of steps to converting a customer… for reference they are Reach, Interest, Engagement, Conversion, Loyalty, Advocacy.

Lets keep this in perspective people, Social is one of the most engaging channels which creates loyalty and stickiness to a brand. Get it right and its easy to maintain by offering good value based content.