How to use social marketing to launch new products

The difference between a good product launch and a great product launch can make all the difference in getting a product out into the open for potential buyers to see.  The challenge is how to do this effectively  and with nearly one in four people worldwide using social media it make sense to use this within a business’  digital marketing strategy.  More and more large companies are seeing the advantages of social media, M&S alone dedicate 21% of their overall Marketing budget on digital  marketing.  They have also utilised various media platforms when it comes to product launches.  Here’s how:

  1. Shareable Posts – Create content that is easy to share, with simple language that gets to the point yet is still engaging. Often the best content uses a mixture of different content types, i.e. videos and images, these content types can be easier for the audience to engage with and bring a higher response. Try and respond to those that share your post, even a simple “thank you“ can go a long way!

  2. Product Teasers – Post content that doesn’t give too much away,  curiosity will keep people intrigued about the new product.  This can be in the form of code names, or pictures.  These type of posts should start around 20 days before launch. M&S use “coming soon” type posts when referencing new collections.

  3. Link lots – Remember each social media platform targets different audiences, so it’s important to link content to other relevant media channels.  For example,  M&S post pictures of new clothing ranges etc from their Instagram account on Facebook encouraging their audience to follow them on Instagram as well. thus reaching a larger audience.

  4. Every Platform is different – This is important, each platform will bring a different element to the marketing strategy,  when creating a product launch strategy all channels should be used.   For example, Facebook is more visual than Twitter, and is not restricted by characters limitations.

  5. Competitions – These can be a great way to engage with prospective buyers and keep their focus on your business.  It can be based on a question about the business, or simply a name will be chosen at random from the first 500 people to “Like” and “Share” the content.  M&S use this marketing strategy  recently with a competition to win a wedding cake.

Finally, direct traffic to where you want it, link content back to the business’ website, turning prospective buyers into actual customers.  Channeling the flow of traffic from a marketing perspective can help encourage  people to look through other products on offer leading to increased sales.