Social Media Marketing : Multiple Twitter accounts?

“Should our business have multiple Twitter accounts?”

As a online digital marketing agency we get asked this question a LOT. Problem is, it’s not a yes or no question, it’s a ‘it depends’ questions. If you’re considering setting up an additional twitter account as part of your social media strategy then here are some things to consider…

Are you communicating to separate audiences who have different relationships with you?
If so then multiple twitter accounts to connect with the different groups of audiences would make sense. If your business is split between private and corporate, separate twitter handles would be of a benefit as the audiences are unlikely to wander into each others territory. Don’t over complicate it though, audiences still like a one-stop shop!

Is it important to your business that the organisation speaks with a consistent voice?
If so then use of a single twitter account might be best; especially for companies where inconsistent messages could be damaging to their reputation. If multiple users are tweeting from the same account it’s probably time to introduce a social media strategy and guidelines for your tweeters! A nice idea is to prefix the tweet with the individual’s initials.

Are employees trained and able to commit time to social media marketing?
If not and you’re struggling to make one twitter account effective than additional one probably isn’t the best idea. For help with SoMe training check out one of our previous articles.

Radical transparency an option?
As well as the main Twitter account (and possible a secondary) some companies allow all staff to access Twitter and tweet on behalf of the company from their personal or separate company Twitter account. It needs proper support and training but those that do it claim it benefits customer relationships and company culture.