Many organisations are starting to ask the question, What is the difference between digital strategy and digital marketing strategy?

Both are equally important to ones business but both perform different tasks.  Fundamentally they answer different questions, digital strategy answer’s, How can digital strategies optimize the whole business model, while digital marketing answers “who can improve the businesses marketing function directly”.

Digital strategy look at strategic analysis of the external environment and internal resources, strategic objectives that analyse the vision and mission of the company,  strategic definition, which looks at the current market, platform and business model.  The overall goal of digital strategy is to maximize the business benefits.

The aim of a Digital Marketing Strategy is to define and then implement the marketing plan.  Through online tactics (SEO, SM, PR, SEM, content marketing) the goal is for initially get more hits to a companies website which will then convert to customer engagement.

Overall, Digital Strategy deals with the business as a whole while Digital marketing Strategy concentrates on promoting the business.