Target your market through effective website design

As an award winning digital marketing agency one of the most frequent questions we get asked of new clients is how they can increase traffic to their website. There are lots of factors to consider but one of the first things we do is break down the characteristics of their target market.

Who is your product or service aimed at? Are you trying to entice teenagers, provide services for the elder generation or a product to help young parents? Once you know who you are selling to you the website development including layout, colours, font size, can all be tailored for your target market.

It’s not just a visually appealing and effective website design that makes all the difference; you can also impact the number of visitors through a website content strategy.

This covers 2 areas; the content itself needs to be written in a style that appeals to your market. However it’s written, it needs to be convincing; you need to give people a reason to buy from you.

As well as the composition style you can also factor in Google SEO optimization tactics. By including certain ‘keywords’ in your content, keywords that are search terms on Google (other search engines are available!) you increase your rankings on google which naturally lead to more site visitors. Everyone dreams of being on page 1 of google results and with an effective content marketing strategy, you can.

For more information about Google SEO optimization why not check out this previous post? Or if you would like to discuss your digital marketing requirements including your digital content strategy then please get in touch.