The on-going social media debate

Every month i feel its my duty to explain the virtues of social media and give you some great stats. Well this month is coming to you from the Harvard Business review.

As a starting point about 75% of everyone who goes onto the internet engages in some form of social media activity, so the following makes interesting reading.

Studies have found that we are 5.2% more likely to buy from a brand we see on social channels! So as a brand or company you can increase your bottom line by over 5% if you engage with customers through social.

We run campaigns for both Consumer and B2B businesses and have found significantly higher results than 5% if you think about building a seamless user experience across multiple platforms.

If you find the right audience and offer them content of value such as insight or interesting articles rather than sell to them they will engage with you and create an emotional link i.e. empathy.

You can see this with the results we have created for the BBC and Pizza Express through our case studies here