What annoys you at work? The top 20 irritating office habits

“Can I check something with you?”. “No, sorry, really busy at the moment.”
…asks you question anyway.

This type of interaction is common place in offices. We all go to work to do a job but what we don’t expect to have to put up with is the annoying habits and traits of fellow colleagues and co-workers. Every company has them. If you dont know who the annoying one in your office is, it’s likely to be you! #Embarrassing.

Below is the top 20 most common, and equally irritating, office behaviours we’ve all experienced. Which ones annoy you the most? …Or which ones do you know you’re guilty of?

1. Needlessly loud typing.
2. Dirty teaspoons on the work surface.
3. When the coffee or tea runs out and nobody replaces it so you just sit there falling asleep.
4. That person constantly boasting about how busy they are (obviously they’re just inefficient time wasters).
5. When your colleagues actually tell you how they are when you were just being polite.
6. Milk-stealing.
7. Pointless meetings about meetings.
8. That tight bastard who keeps a secret stash of biscuits in their locked desk drawer.
9. Coffee breath.
10. That person who sighs loudly until you ask them what’s wrong.
11. The idiot who comes in when they’re ill… and makes everyone else ill!
12. People who look at your screen when they stand behind you.
13. People who put read receipts on their emails like they’re your actual mother.
14. All ridiculous corporate jargon.
15. That person who always paces up and down the office on the phone so you can hear just how important their conversation is.
16. That person who always talks about their gym regime, as if anyone cares?
17. The self-proclaimed pencil/finger drummer.
18. Music tastes: Radio Vs personalised dire playlist.
19. Being made to work when it’s sunny outside.
20. Being made to work ever.

….Which ones really get your goat? It’s certainly sparked an interesting conversation in our office…