To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the Question!

Whilst Hamlet’s immortal “To be or not to be” soliloquy questions the value of him continuing to live, an almost as pressing issue for today’s self-respecting marketer is whether or not to tweet!

Whilst Twitter is not without its problems, its skilful use can transform it into the best advertising platform out there. Here are five good reasons to keep tweeting!

1. You get what you pay for!

Paying for Twitter advertising is a delight because you truly do get what you pay for. Whatever your marketing objective is, you only pay when you’ve achieved it. So whether you are trying to attract followers, drive traffic to your website or sell app installations, you only pay when people take that action. In that respect, Twitter shares the risk with you: simply because they are confident that their advertising product will work for you.

2. Keyword targeting

Twitter’s keyword targeting system allows you to specifically target people who have either used or interacted with a specific word or hashtag in the last seven days. This enables your marketing campaigns to be very agile and on trend. It is an incredibly powerful tool for personalised marketing campaigns to an audience already engaged with a topic.

3. Engaged remarketing

Another major strength is the ability to remarket to people who have already engaged with a previous tweet. You already have an interested audience and can personalise your remarketing accordingly. You can also retarget those people who saw a previous tweet: even if they did not engage with it; the proverbial ice has been broken!

4. Choose your audience!

Leading on from the above, you can also target people who follow specific accounts. There are tools available, such as, BirdSong Analytics, whereby you can download lists of followers for Twitter accounts, enabling you to create an appropriate audience ripe for targeting with your Twitter ads!

5. Low cost per click!

Compared to more traditional PPC, cost per click on Twitter advertising is welcomingly low. When setting up an advertising campaign, Twitter will offer you a ‘suggested bid’ which is based on the quality of your content and the audience you are targeting. But it is usually the case (and depends on the strength of your content) that cost per click can end up being lower than the suggested bid. And always good value for money!

So don’t overlook Twitter in your digital marketing campaigns for 2017. As we have seen, it has lots of hidden gems that you may not yet have discovered. In terms of personalised and targeted campaigns it can deliver remarkably well for advertisers. Particularly when used as part of a larger multichannel campaign with other platforms, it can prove to be the spectacular icing on the cake for your digital marketing!

Author: Robert Walker