Google, Apple – Visionary, Inspiring, Exciting Brands?

The world has some amazing brands but its the ones that have risen to success in the digital and technological field that seem to be the most powerful. In a report by our industry leading competitor WPP respondents stated that Google, Apple and Samsung are the most Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting brands around in the world today.

I can agree with this, i am an Apple junkie. I love the brand, the way it makes me feel, the way i feel it makes me come across. Its beautiful, simple to use and adds something to your daily routine like nothing else.

This can also be said about Google in a different way, i interact with their brand and tools almost every hour from bed (on my Apple products obviously) till bed and if i don’t get my fix then something would have not been too great about that day.

Samsung, well …they let me down when i had an HTC and i don’t bounce back to quick these days. If you show me your Samsung S5 when it comes out then i’ll probably say ooh look at the eye scrolling feature. Whilst i’ll probably be thinking its going to bug out and annoy me some what.

What i have come to realise is that some brands just get it right. They can be elegant, helpful, sincere and polite, and when they get it wrong they apologise and aim to do something about it.

This is all within the well kept boundaries of their manicured lawn, though. If you mention something over the fence they wont care, they wont even pretend to apologise, and further to that they will make you feel awkward for asking the question.

What i am saying is that if you want to learn anything from these inspiring leaders in the brand revolution then do what you do and do it well. Dont be a martyr to the fools,  stick to what you know and leave the rest to someone else better younger and more beautiful than your self. Its life, lets live with it.

Robert Walker