What types of LIKES do you really want?

The five challenges most businesses face in social media are:
• What type of “likes” do you want?—Who are you trying to reach and why?
• What are you going to do with them?—Do you have interesting content and a good engagement strategy?
• How are you going to keep them?—Building loyalty is often a brand’s biggest priority, but it’s getting harder to
keep people’s attention.
• What is the value of a “like”?—Your social media strategy will never get off the ground properly unless you understand the meaning of social ROI.
• What is the cost of a “like”?—How much are you willing to pay to attract someone’s attention, and is it worth reallocating funds from a different channel?

Although this is not specifically a Facebook conversation, it’s as good a starting point as any. You can replace Likes with followers, viewers, pinners, or connections. Don’t get hung up on the language. We’re trying to build a people-focused strategy, not a social network–focused strategy.

The five Ws are:
• Who are the people talking about you the most?
• What are they saying?
• Why are they talking about you?
• When did these conversations happen?
• Where did these conversations take place?

Key metrics to measure
Number of fans, PTAT (people talking about), mentions, reach, sentiment, edge rank (users seeing a post), share of voice.

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