Xcite Digital – Find, Engage, Retain

Digital Campaigns start with market research allowing us to work out the most effective places to market your product/service, places we know your customers will be and with a limited number of competitors.

The trick is to find places your competitors are not marketing, but where your customers are, this is where we add a lot of value over other marketing agencies who tend to spread their efforts thinly.

We then build up a range of channels to distribute the content through, and then to put simply, we track the engagement of the content through Search and Social. Search meaning Search engines, Social meaning Social Media.

Your content is then effective for a number of reasons:
  1. Its great for the Search Ranking, Google loves new content
  2. Google also loves it when customers read your content because Google pushes you up the ranking – they see you as popular
  3. The content creates confidence with your customers
  4. Customers come back regularly to read new content
  5. The links back to the content are spread far and wide around the internet, and always lead back to your site
  6. The links back also generate ranking meaning your site is being picked up in more than one search result
  7. Through Social you create communities of Fans who all like what you do
  8. You can create advocacy campaigns with your social followers, for example incentivising them to promote you
  9. Social campaigns can generate a viral effect, as 1 Fan likes you all 300 of their friends notice you and feel empathy towards your brand

As well as the above benefits we also provide the UX improvements as part of the campaign, we love to create beautiful websites that work.

As a guide we can run full user testing and performance metrics, along with marketing tracking to show you how we are performing.

Our work has been outstanding so far due to a constant strive to be the best, we want to continue to Find, Engage, and Retain as best we can with clients we love.

Robert Walker