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No More Social Media Lies!

April 3, 2014 | Author:
No More Social Media Lies!

We should all now be fully aware of the potential advantages of using social media as part of your digital marketing strategy, however, there are some dangers of social media.

It’s quite difficult and time consuming trying to monitor what is being said about your company elsewhere online.  It’s important for organisations to manage their presence online now more than ever before.

It can be very damaging to a company if negative articles have been written online, especially if they are untrue. Amazingly, false posts may become a thing of the past as a system is currently in the process of being built that will act as a lie detector capable of verifying rumours.

The system will aim to tell if a post is true in real time and will start off by being used to help organisations, including governments and emergency services, to respond more effectively to events. For example, it could allow the emergency services to stop a lie  from spreading in order to keep a situation calm.

Dr Kalina Bontcheva, lead researcher on the project at the University of Sheffield has said: “There was a suggestion after the 2011 riots that social networks should have been shut down, to prevent the rioters using them to organise,” he went on to say: “But social networks also provide useful information. The problem is that it all happens so fast and we can’t quickly sort truth from lies.”

Researchers will be studying conversations on social networks to see how they evolve. Sources will then be checked to see if the information can be confirmed or denied. If this technology could be harnessed for companies it could save a lot of damage control  for them in the future.

The positives of using social media definitely outweigh the negatives, but with technology like this being developed, even the negatives could become a thing of the past!

Source: BBC News

Coke Needs to Transform Marketing

March 14, 2014 | Author:
Coke Needs to Transform Marketing

As Coca-Cola report a fall of 8.4% in net income in the fourth quarter, and look towards transforming its marketing and commercial model, we can feel happier in the knowledge that even the big global giants need to adapt their strategies in order to stay ahead of the game.

Coke, for years has had a reputation of being the best from a marketing point of view, but perhaps these new figures reflect how playing it “safe “ for the the last few years may not have paid off. Even their recent marketing campaign for the Super Bowl ad failed to gain the presence that Coke have experience in the market for so many years.

Their #AmericaIsBeautiful advert only managed just over 9,000 tweets  and 81,000 YouTube views, while in comparison Budweiser’s advert, featuring a puppy bonding with a horse, drew in an impressive 185,000 tweets and has racked up 36 million YouTube views.

It seems Coke has lost touch with their audiences, creating marketing campaigns that do not reflect the true nature of the business or their audience. Their last  #AmericaIsBeautiful  advert came under much criticism by many Americans as it featured the song ‘America The Beautiful’ but in foreign languages, not what the audience wanted.

It can seem like it’s a mystery how some social campaigns work, and some do not. We are currently working on a secret campaign with a major partner that should drive consumer growth using social only tactics.


SOURCES: Campaign Live

Image courtesy of Breitbart

M&S splash out

March 7, 2014 | Author:
M&S splash out

February saw the launch of the new website for Marks and Spencer. This long awaited  website, costing in the region of £150m, has been designed to be flexible; creating an adaptable platform for consumer trends and technology. The aim is for the retail giant to expand its business from the UK market into the international sector, functioning across a multiple of channels.

Since Laura Wade-Gery joined the company in 2011, she has used her previous experience as the head of and Tesco Direct to M&S advantage. She confirmed: “Our scale and ambition is huge and we are putting real money behind this. M&S is putting more money behind this [than] I had at Tesco.”

The two years of intensive testing involving hundreds of customers has been definitely worthwhile with M&S taking on Apple and Google’s philosophy of “if it’s not going to work, fail fast and move on”.

A marketing campaign based around the new site is set for later spring, but here at Xcite we definitely like the new look.


Image sourced from: Marketing Magazine

Google Nests into the future

February 27, 2014 | Author:

Here at Xcite we like to keep in touch with the latest new across multiple industries, not only those relating to social marketing, but those relating to our clients as well. A few weeks ago the story broke about Google’s buy out of the company “Nest”.

This is big news for one our clients, PASSIV, as it reinforces the significant growth in the popularity of these type of devices. PASSIV are a company that produce devices that are designed to be a home energy management platform. These systems  allow consumers to manage their heating, hot water and renewable energy systems. The devices connect to each other using a wireless network and lets the PassivHub manage the whole network in the most efficient way.

The founder and CEO for PASSIV said: “This is a great outcome for NEST and further endorsement of the rapidly growing opportunity for companies developing home energy management systems. Passiv has been at the forefront of developing device independent home energy management services for delivering lifestyle benefits to consumers in Europe.”

This current buyout strengthens the future of PASSIV’s industry, with Google’s billion dollar investment being huge reflection on how homes will be run in the future. Here at Xcite we certainly believe that we heading towards a time when every home has a complete home management platform, extending not just to the energy control but to every aspect of the home environment.

Xcite are currently in the process of building a new corporate site plus a new consumer site for PASSIV. We will also be looking at a new marketing campaign to include SEO and PPC for them too, all of which is very exciting.

To find out what Xcite could do for you please click here.



Multi Channel Marketing

February 14, 2014 | Author:
Multi Channel Marketing

Both in global and UK terms consumers are turning to many different channels when engaging with a company for a product or service. To allow businesses to capture as wider audience as possible a multi channel marketing campaign needs to exist. Research has also shown that Multi channel consumers are more likely to spend up to four times the amount of single channel consumers. There are however some challenges that digital marketing strategy creates:

  • Targeted messaging.  Customers now have such a choice of channels that purely delivering the right company message is not sufficient.  The message needs to be received by the customer but also requires customers to be receptive attentive and willing for act no matter what channel is used.

  • Highly choreographed campaigns.  Marketing experts need to constantly evolve and develop micro campaigns and touch points that can be used across multiple channels seamlessly, yet still deliver the correct message in a meaningful way.

  • Marketing response attribution.  The more channels enlisted within a campaign the more difficult it is to know which ones contribute to advocacy.  However by finding out what triggered a response we can assess the productivity of the campaign.

It’s with tackling these challenges head on,  that organisations can expect to get the most out of multi channel marketing. Here at Xcite Digital we have developed various strategies that have been proven to work time and time again. IGNITE, one of our strategies, allows us to explore your market across various channels which can then be used to develop your digital business strategy. For more information on what Xcite do, click here.

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