Effective Website Design

As one of the UK’s fast growing digital marketing agencies, here at Xcite Digital we understand how important both your website design and functionality are to you and your business. Through our years of experience we have found there are a number of points to consider when it comes to effect website design.

One of the biggest frustrations for site visitors are certain ‘intrusions’ – by this we mean anything a webpage does beyond displaying the page. Site visitors are important so you need to handle them with respect; you want to encourage them to spend time on your site, not click away at the first chance. As a leading digital marketing agency, through our experience, we’ve comprised a lists of ‘intrusions’ you should try an avoid…

Pop-up windows
Maximizing the browser window
Design for a fixed resolution
Designing for one browser
Denying browser or operating system
Modifying the browser window
Redirecting to homepage from search engine
Frame set rebuilding
Address hiding with Frames
Disabling the right mouse button
Change start page and bookmark requests
Abuse of the browser status bar
Use of cookies when not needed – with new cookie laws you now must inform site visitors if you use them.
Installing software without user confirmation

A beautiful website design is the first step, but it doesn’t all hang on that. Functionality and user experience are equally important. At Xcite Digital we have a highly skilled team on hand to design, develop and build your impressive new site. For more information about any of our services please visit our website.