Facebook Application Development : Examples

Last week we introduced you to the benefits of investing in the one-off cost of a Facebook application. As promised, today we’re going to look at a few examples of possible apps to boost your social media campaign.

1) Free gift for a ‘Like’ – encouraging users to share your content and promote the viral aspect of Facebook. Content is hidden until user hits ‘like’, they then get rewarded with a free gift. To receive their reward users sign up to your newsletter (or similar).

Aim: To gather and build a mailing list. Simples.

2) Free gift for a ‘Like’ take two – Based on the above example, but this time the Facebook application development gives the app itself the ability to ask for and gather the email addresses. The user grants permission and email addresses are stored.

Aim: To gather and build a comprehensive mailing list, capturing everyone (as opposed to those that just sign up to the newsletter in the previous example).

3) Video Games – Who doesn’t like a video game?! We love ‘em. This application takes a flash video game and embeds it into Facebook. These are the king of viral applications and the right game can spread like wildfire.

Aim: Place advertisements above and below the game to increase exposure (and revenue!).

These are just a few examples of facebook application development Xcite Digital can help you with. For more information and no-obligation chat with an award winning digital marketing agency, get in touch!