Facebook Application Development

Can your business benefit from the addition of Facebook application development? Simply; yes. Through the Facebook applications and developers area you can pretty much have any site you like within the Facebook platform. The apps can do any number of cool things, from rewarding customers, collecting email addresses as well as promote your business 24/7!

Facebook is the king of social media companies. People feel comfortable within Facebook so the likelihood of people interacting with your brand within the Facebook framework is dramatically increased.

Facebook users can easily share, ‘like’ and invite others to ‘like’ your application which in itself provides a viral aspect to the website like never before.

Best bit? Facebook applications last forever, so once they’re set up you can reap the benefits for as long as you want with no ongoing costs!

NOTE: Facebook application development should not be confused with Facebook pages; they are completely different. Think of it this way; your PAGE is your business address, your APP is the tool that allows you to interact with your customers and sits INSIDE your page.

We have created a number of Facebook applications for our customers as part of a social media campaign, including the popular ‘like me, like my price’ campaign for Pizza Express.

Pop back on Monday for a few examples of the different Facebook applications open to your and your business, and importantly, how they can increase revenue!