Financial value of branding companies

As a digital marketing agency we can’t emphasise enough how important your brand really is. In previous posts we’ve looked at the significance of brand awareness as well as provide you with some tips for raising your company’s brand profile.

So you’ve followed the advice, your branding marketing has been a success and your company is the proud owner of a established and recognised brand. Congrats! But what does that mean?

Aside from everyone knowing who you are, which in itself will naturally result in more sales and increased revenue, there is also a financial value placed on your brand… so how much can a name really be worth?

A survey of the most valuable sports brands has been released by Forbes magazine which demonstrates just how much this financial value can be.

They may not have topped the league table this season but top of the Forbes table was our very own Manchester Utd with a brand valuation of, wait for it, £1.43bn! Sporting giants Real Madrid and the world famous NY Yankee’s came in second and third respectively to the UK club.

Although the table was mainly dominated by American teams, Man Utd weren’t the only English club to get into the world table; London club Arsenal also made the grade (albeit coming in at no. 10) with a brand value of £825m.

Top 10 teams:

1. Manchester United – £1.43 billion

2. Real Madrid – £1.2 billion

3. New York Yankees – £1.1 billion

3. Dallas Cowboys – £1.1 billion

5. Washington Redskins – £997 million

6. Los Angeles Dodgers – £895 million

6. New England Patriots – £895 million

8. Barcelona – £837 million

9. New York Giants – £831 million

10. Arsenal – £825 million