Google Nests into the future

Here at Xcite we like to keep in touch with the latest new across multiple industries, not only those relating to social marketing, but those relating to our clients as well. A few weeks ago the story broke about Google’s buy out of the company “Nest”.

This is big news for one our clients, PASSIV, as it reinforces the significant growth in the popularity of these type of devices. PASSIV are a company that produce devices that are designed to be a home energy management platform. These systems  allow consumers to manage their heating, hot water and renewable energy systems. The devices connect to each other using a wireless network and lets the PassivHub manage the whole network in the most efficient way.

The founder and CEO for PASSIV said: “This is a great outcome for NEST and further endorsement of the rapidly growing opportunity for companies developing home energy management systems. Passiv has been at the forefront of developing device independent home energy management services for delivering lifestyle benefits to consumers in Europe.”

This current buyout strengthens the future of PASSIV’s industry, with Google’s billion dollar investment being huge reflection on how homes will be run in the future. Here at Xcite we certainly believe that we heading towards a time when every home has a complete home management platform, extending not just to the energy control but to every aspect of the home environment.

Xcite are currently in the process of building a new corporate site plus a new consumer site for PASSIV. We will also be looking at a new marketing campaign to include SEO and PPC for them too, all of which is very exciting.

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